Instructions & Background Information

Who should complete this survey?

If your company has solar energy systems serving any of its facilities in the United States (either directly on-site or off-site through community solar, virtual PPA or similar arrangement), your company should complete this survey.

How survey data will be used:

Survey data will be used to produce summary statistics like those included in the Solar Means Business report. Data submitted forms the basis for our Top Corporate Solar User rankings. Each project submitted will be displayed in an interactive map, along with other solar projects at top U.S. companies

Completing and Submitting the Survey

Please try to provide data for each field to help us keep track of multiple responses that may occur when we receive data from both the landlord and commercial tenant of a particular property. (We will give credit to both firms but do not want to double count systems in our summary, aggregate statistics.) Complete system level data will help us deduplicate data obtained from both this survey and public databases of electricity infrastructure and allow us to convey a compelling story to local and national media.

If you have any questions about the report or the survey, please contact Tyler Thompson at [email protected].